Value Added Services

As an integrator, MROIS is responsible for Supplier Rationalization, Supplier Management, MROIS Quality System Management, Product and Pricing Management, Order Management, Consolidated Billing, Expediting, Planning and Project Coordination, Consolidated Reporting, Diversity Program Management and IT Systems Management for the entire MRO contract for Gas Distribution, Electrical Distribution and Transmission and Safety, Industrial Supplies and Tools.

As an integrator, MROIS provides and supports the software and all related technology systems required to support our partners' MRO contracts. MROIS is also responsible for establishing and maintaining all electronic communications with our partners' ordering and inventory management systems and the trading partners as well as any additional distributors or OEM's/manufacturers who may be require to support our partners' needs. In addition to the primary software system, MROIS will provides a web based portal that supports order management functions, KPI reporting and electronic commerce.

MROIS is an integrator

Supplier Rationalization

MROIS will manage the process of reducing our partners' supplier bases to greatly reduce transactional costs related to material acquisition and supply.

Planning & Project Coordination

MROIS will manage the planning processes and strategies to support our partners' MRO contracts. Planning support, coordination of manufacturer activity, assurance of timely supply of critical product for projects, and assurance of supply to support our customers' MRO needs.

Quality Management System

MROIS will manage the Quality Management System for our partners' MRO contracts. The Quality Management System will consist of a rigid manufacturer approval process, KPI measurement and reporting and coordination of manufacturer approval activities as necessary.


Consolidation of Order Management, Billing, Expediting, Product and Pricing Management, Consolidated Invoicing and Consolidated Reporting � MROIS will manage all transaction functions in support of our customers' MRO and project needs for Gas Distribution, Electrical Distribution and Transmission and Safety, Industrial Supplies and Tools.