S and S Supplies & Solutions provides expert technical safety services and repair for instruments and safety equipment. This can include the calibration and flow testing, sanitizing, and inspections for respiratory, instrumentation, fall protection, and more.

On & Off-Site Services:

  • Gas Detection & Instrumentation Calibration & Repair
  • Respiratory Services and Repair
  • Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing & Refill
  • Respiratory Mask and Equipment Cleaning
  • Quantitative Fit Testing Services
  • Fall Protection Services and Repair
  • Level "A" Suit Test
  • Personal Flotation Device Inspections
  • Safety Shower & Eye Wash Inspections and Repair

Safety Equipment Rentals

  • Gas Detection Monitors & Instrumentation
  • Fall Protection Equipment
  • Respiratory Equipment
  • TSI Portacount
  • Portable Eyewash Stations