Service Solutions for the Electrical Trades
PET Lab Testing Service with 1-5 Day Lead Times
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Rubber Sleeves
  • Line Hose
  • Blankets / Hoods
  • All rubber cover up equipment

  • Hotsticks and Live Line Tools
  • Hotstick Accessories
  • Equi-Mats
  • Personal Protective Grounds
  • Insulated Jumpers
   Large Inventory

Our large stock of inventory allows us to replace any items that may fail during the testing process. We have all the tools and Accessories for your job in stock as well Including but not limited to: Hotsticks and Accessories, Hoists, Rope, Blocks, Hand Tools, Crimpers, Cutters, PPE, Gloves, Glasses Hard Hats, Vests, Switching Suits

All testing procedures follow current ASTM Standards.
A brief overview or our process:

Detergent Washing
- All of your PPE is washed and sanitized using a mild detergent, MSDS sheet available.

Dielectic Testing
- Electrical testing is done in accordance with current ASTM Standards. Rubber goods, grounds, jumpers and hotsticks are rejected during this step for:

   1. Electrical breakdown
   2. Leakage current exceeding maximum
   limits set forth in ASTM Standards

- Drying of your equipment is done with circulating warm air.

- Rubber goods are stamped, dated and serial numbered in ink and the boxes or bags are labeled in accordance with current ASTM Standards.

- Rubber goods will be packed in cartons. Rejected material shall be so marked and returned.

- Test reports of results will be furnished for all tested materials.

               and much, much more...